Nationals Qualifer

US Nationals is in Minneapolis this August, and most of you are going to want a chance to qualify for it. Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast has canceled the Regionals program. In its place, they have established Nationals Qualifiers: a tournament in every state that qualifies top finishers to their National Championship. What that means for you is that you can qualify for Nationals here at Paradox instead of having to drive all the way to Minneapolis. It’s like an extra States tournament, but this time finishing in the finals qualifies you for another tournament. All the details are below.

US Nationals Qualifier
Date Saturday, May 15
Registration 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Round 1 10:15 AM
Entry $25.00
Format Standard

1st: 1 1/2 Booster Box, Plaque, Nationals Invite
2nd: Booster Box, Nationals Invite
3rd/4th: 18 Booster Packs
5th-8th: 12 Booster Packs