Paradox Personalities #2 – Iron Man 2 Premiere

Paradox helped entertain over 800 attendees at the midnight premier of Iron Man 2. The Fargo Theatre was the scene of a great night of entertainment. All doubt and concerns about the theatre’s ability to handle such an event were put to rest.

Festivities kicked off at 10PM when the doors opened and the crowd started filing in. Then about twenty minutes later, the show started as Paradox took over. We passed out free comics to nearly everyone and included in the free books were coupons for more free comics. Up front, we ran trivia contests and a ‘build your own Iron Man armor’ competition. Over a dozen people won prizes ranging from single issue comics to hard cover collections, action figures, and posters. Our two teams worked hard to complete their construction. The audience voted with cheers as team Andrew (dubbed Earth-1 Tony Stark) won the day. I can’t say enough good things about everyone who took part. It takes a lot of guts to stand in front of 800 people and take a chance.

We wrapped early and got in line for snacks. It seemed like the crowd had a great time and we heard lots of positive buzz. The Fargo Theatre staff was awesome, handling long lines with peak efficiency. I can’t say enough positive things about these guys. Their job is to make your experience seamless. You shouldn’t realize they are doing it and you don’t.

To see all the pictures from the premiere, check out the gallery on our Facebook page.


Iron Man 2 packs all the right punches. Robert Downey Jr. can’t be on screen enough. This is an actor who not only gets his character, but defines it. He is willing to go to just the right lengths with Tony but has the ability to reveal underlying darkness. One complaint is simply that there are two many people for him to interact with and it would be great to get more of all his relationships. He knows how to flirt with Pepper and Natasha but then spar with Hammer, Whiplash, Rhodes, and Fury. The effects are bar none. The movie comes out firing with great scenes and dialogue; I was particularly fond of the Howard Hughes-esque congressional hearings. This scene was total genius. Tony manages to dominate a room that is stacked against him. Brilliant. Early on, the action is light. The Whiplash / Iron Man fight scene is great. After that, it’s a long time to the climax. But as your sitting in your seat wondering if they are going to give us the battle we didn’t get in the first one, the answer is yes. And then some. Lots of mechs, action, and explosions. A battle on multiple fronts with nearly all characters served. This movie took the budget it had and made the fight scene you wanted. The only negative thoughts I didn’t think the story of this movie was as well set up as the original and Justin Hammer was a little bit of a weenie. I like Sam Rockwell quite a bit and Hammer is a great industrialist foil for Tony Stark. In fact, this might be the most defined relationship in the movie. Tony’s conflict with Rhodey doesn’t do much for me. Rhodey’s motiviation to take the War Machine suit is fine but I never really buy they will end up anything other than friends. Scarlet Johansson is one of my favorite femme fatales. I don’t think I can say enough good things about her. She is in a handful scenes but is totally breathtaking in all of them. The movies central themes are legacy and inheritance. Tony learns secrets about his father’s role both in his life and the greater world. Another one of the movies strongest scenes features Tony Stark watching a home video of his father. This scene is part of the movie’s emotional heart and sets Tony on the path to rebuilding. Whiplash’s father is tied to Tony’s father as well and the two sons ultimately show down with their tech in a battle tof greater meaning.  Beyond that, the movie exceeded my expectations.


In general I hate attending opening night movies that are busier than hell. However, from here on out, I’m talking the rest of my life; I will only see movies that premiere at the Fargo Theatre. I love the location!  As far as the movie goes, Iron Man 2 was tight. Very few complaints. My only real gripe is I never felt as if Tony’s life was in any real danger. Whether it be arc toxicity or Whiplash’s plot to destroy. But who cares?!? Robert Downey Jr. is a stud! Go see this movie! A-


I felt this movie was a worthy successor to the original Iron Man. Again, Robert Downey Jr. is unbelievably charismatic as Tony Stark and steals the whole movie. I’d be more than happy to watch movies of nothing but Tony Stark (without any Iron Man or action at all) given how much fun Downey Jr. makes the character. The Congressional hearing at the beginning is one of the most fun scenes I’ve seen in a long time, thanks to his spectacular performance. I also loved the performances from Sam Rockwell as Tony’s business rival Justin Hammer and Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko/Whiplash, the main villain of the movie. Rourke commanded the screen every time he appeared, and effortlessly gave Vanko a rich history you could sense from just looking at him. I thought Rockwell made Hammer just bumbling and goofy enough, without taking the character into straight-on slapstick mode. On the subject of humor, I love that Iron Man has carved its niche out as the comic book franchise with a sense of humor. As someone who loves X-Men and especially Nolan’s Batman movies for their darker and more serious tone, and can’t help but simply enjoy the fun of Iron Man, and in this movie that’s mainly because of Rockwell and Downey Jr. As everyone else has said, there is definitely more action in this movie than the first, for all of you who felt it was a little lacking last time out. Special note goes to the fantastic scene with Whiplash in Monaco. From the visual of his whips slicing cars in half, to the wonderful crackling sound they made as they did it, that is how a big-budget effects heavy action scene should look and sound. To everyone who liked the first Iron Man, I definitely recommend you go and see the sequel.


I went along with the rest of the Paradox crew to Iron Man 2 on the midnight first showing at the Fargo Theatre. I liked the first movie very much, and the second doesn’t disappoint for even a moment. Robert Downey does another fantastic job as Tony Stark, keeping the character hilarious and eccentric. The villain Whiplash is greatly more B.A. and interesting than I expected him to be. Each action sequence is satisfyingly lengthy and awesome, and the effects are extremely impressive as well. The dialogue is great; there are a lot of funny lines and one-liners without overdoing it. There isn’t really a dull moment or character throughout the whole movie. One part of movies that can disappoint me is a short or uneventful final conflict, this movie didn’t have that. The end fight in Iron Man 2 was lengthy, well paced, and had a satisfying resolution. If you liked the first movie, then you will probably like the second just as well.

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