The 2010’s State Championship

The 2010's


Date Saturday, October 9
Registration 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Round 1 10:15 AM
Entry $25.00
Format Standard

1st: 1 1/2 Booster Box, Exclusive Playmat, Special DCI Card that gives winner free entry to all Constructed Premier Events
2nd: 1 Booster Box, Exclusive Playmat
3rd/4th: 1/2 Booster Box, Exclusive Playmat
5th-8th: 1/4 Booster Box, Exclusive Playmat

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Scars of Mirrodin singles available for preorder as they are officially spoiled.

Top 8 playmat with exclusive art from Kekai Kotaki.

The 2010’s North Dakota State Championship is coming up October 9. The event is back to its early date as the first major Standard event to feature the new format (as Scars of Mirrodin enters and pushes out Alara Block and M10). The format will be wide open, and some clever deck building may be all it takes for you to end up as the ND State Champion. As with last year’s event, state residency is not a requirement, and all of you living in Moorhead can come play at Paradox. This year’s event also features gorgeous playmats with exclusive artwork commissioned from Kekai Kotaki for all Top 8 competitors.

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