Black Friday Sale Details!

Paradox – Black Friday Sale!
Buy 2 Get 1 Free Everything in the Store, No Limits
Friday, November 28th

We here at Paradox love our promotions. We’ve got ’em going on all the time. But we always save the best for Black Friday. Your going to see the fliers, posters, emails, Facebook posts, and hear the spiel from our employees. So, here’s a very thorough rundown of how the Black Friday Sale works. After many years of running this one, we’ve come to anticipate your questions. Here we go:

Buy 2, Get 1 Free:
This is the easy part. You buy 2 things, we give you an additional 1 thing free. There’s no limit to this sale. You pick up 128 action figures, you will get 64 free action figures. You buy 4000 comic books, you get 2000 free comic books.That’s it. It’s our best offer and we know you love it based on our many years of running it.

Lowest Priced Item is the Free One:
Here’s where we start getting in to all the pesky details! It’s still simple, though. If you buy three $3.99 comic books, any one of them is the free one. But if you buy two $3.99 comic books and one $2.99 title, the $2.99 issue is free. Simple enough if you have 3 items but very complex when you have a stack of things. When you check out, we will group everything you are buying together by price. So if you have three $3.99 booster packs and then three $2.99 card sleeves, you will get one $3.99 pack free and one $2.99 supply free. This means that the sale is almost always 33% off. Keep this structure in mind as you are shopping.

Deals Don’t Stack:
This is a long standing rule here at Paradox. All it means is that if we currently sell something for 20% off, it is not also Buy 2, Get 1 Free. We will sell those items at the better deal for you. The most common example of this is booster boxes for gaming cards. A box of Magic, such as M15, has a retail price of $146. But we sell them every day for $109.99. So you don’t get to buy 2 at $109.99 and get 1 free. Note: we actually offer a special price structure on boxes, so stay tuned ! But that’s how discounts work. It’s once again easy, but a question we always get.

Booster Box Specials:
Booster boxes are still buy 2, get 1 free. However, we kind of cheat here a little bit. We want Black Friday to be the best deal you get all year, and in order to make that happen, we have to play with the rules a bit. So, for that day only, booster boxes of Magic are $135, making 2 a total of $270. Plus 1 free box means that you are basically paying $89.99 a box, our best deal of the year. We use a similar formula with all booster boxes, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z, you name the game that’s how it works. We’ll get them all posted at some point. If you have a question in the meantime, feel free to ask. Just rest assured, it’ll be the best price of the year.

New Reservation System:
This year, we are introducing a brand new element to the sale. Effective immediately, you are welcome to reserve anything and everything you would like to buy at the sale price. This is purely being done as a convenience to you. The last thing we want is you to be disappointed because we are sold out of what you wanted. Tell us today and it’ll be there for you. This applies to items on the shelves or things you want to special order. We want to know as soon as possible to make sure we can get everything ordered. If you are telling us on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 2 days before the sale, it might be a little rough. So, when you have your shopping list ready, just let us know. We have a file set up and waiting. When you come to Paradox on Black Friday, anything you have reserved will be waiting behind the counter with your name on it. Then you can still impulse shop from there.

Rain Checks:
If all that doesn’t take care of you, we will rain check the sale all day long on the 28th. If we are out of what you wanted, don’t leave without talking to a Paradox employee who will get your list taken care of.

That’s a lot of stuff for such a simple sale! Black Friday can be very hectic for everyone. We here at Paradox are well aware of what a frustrating day it can be. We’ve put a lot of time and thought in to how to best help out. Over the past two years, we’ve added a second check-out station and lots of staff just for a day like this. We’ll be busy, but it won’t be like going to a big-box store.

We hope this answers most of your questions. We used to stay away from Black Friday ourselves, but that’s no fun! Instead we turned it in to the biggest shopping day of the year at Paradox which means you love this event.

Thanks in advance to all Paradox shoppers. We always close by asking you to take a moment to Share or Like this post on Facebook or to forward this email, but this one is extra special. Please let all your friends and family know. Remind them all that if they can’t figure out what to get you, we always have Gift Cards or are more than happy to suggest something!