#98 – Tabletop – Semi-Cooperative Games

For week #4 of Extra Life Month, we’re joined by longtime friend of Paradox Derek Nelson, along with his wife Steph and their daughter Chloe. Their family had an immediate experience with Sanford Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network as soon as Chloe was born, and Steph and Derek walk us through their entire ordeal. While she was a little shy and didn’t want to talk on the microphone, it was great to get to see Chloe in the studio, especially after hearing her parents explain everything she went through. If you’d like to help other families like the Nelsons, please consider participating in or donating to Extra Life, coming up November 7 (tabletop games) and 14 (video games).

We try out what we hope is going to be our new format, where we pick a current game that has everyone talking and then compare it to a similar game that isn’t getting quite the same attention. This month our focus is on the burgeoning genre of semi-cooperative games, as we look at the hottest game of the last 18 months, Dead of Winter, as well as Archipelago, a Euro game we feel is under-appreciated. We break down the basics of what makes each game work, what makes each one unique, and then end by answering the question: “If you could only get one, which one would you pick?” (Brian & Dan)