#99 – Comics – All-New, All-Different

For our final week of Extra Life Month, we’re joined in the studio by Dale & Marcia Hellevang, Brian’s parents. Their son (Brian’s brother) Eric spent lots of time at the Sanford Children’s Hospital, and the Hellevangs share what the care he received meant to them. This is our most personal connection to the Sanford Children’s Hospital, and if this story, or any over the past month, impacted you, please consider donating or parcipiating in Extra Life coming up on November 7 (tabletop games) & 14 (video games).

For our regular episode, we look at Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” initiative, taking place after the universe events of Secret Wars. That the events of Secret Wars still haven’t wrapped up did not go unnoticed by the DoxCast crew, and we spend awhile discussing the merits of this launch versus other launches, such as New52. We also look at the first issues of Captain America: Sam Wilson, Dr. Strange, Invincible Iron Man, and Spider-Gwen. Find out which one has the best visual storytelling, which one sets up a future movie best, and which one isn’t really a #1 at all. (Rich, Brian, & Brad)