Black Friday Sale – Details!

Black Friday Sale
Paradox Comics-N-Cards
26 Roberts Street, Downtown Fargo
November 27th • 8AM

Our annual Black Friday sale is back! It’s the biggest shopping day of the year here at Paradox and here’s how it works:

• Buy 2 Get 1 Free:
There is no limit to this offer and it applies to everything in the shop — except Cards Against Humanity and pop and snacks. You pick up 128 action figures, you will get 64 free action figures. You buy 4000 comic books, you get 2000 free comic books.

• Lowest Priced Item Free:
Buy three $3.99 comic books, any one of them is free. But buy two $3.99 comic books and one $2.99 title, the $2.99 issue is free. At check out, we group everything by price. Three $3.99 booster packs and three $2.99 card sleeves equals one $3.99 pack free and one $2.99 supply free.

• Deals Don’t Stack:
The Black Friday Sale overrides any regular discounts. For example, comic subscription discounts, 40% off shelves, or any item priced below MSRP.

• Pre-Order Today:
Email or stop by the shop and order what you want. We will reserve all orders so you can get what you want.

• Rain Checks:
We will rain check the sale. If we are out of what you wanted, don’t leave without talking to a Paradox employee who will order sold out items.

Black Friday can be very hectic for everyone. We here at Paradox are well aware of what a frustrating day it can be. We’ll have two check-out stations and lots of staff. We’ll be busy, but it won’t be like going to a big-box store.

Thanks in advance to all Paradox shoppers. Remind your friends and family that if they can’t figure out what to get you, we always have Gift Cards or are more than happy to suggest something!