Kitchen Table Showdown – Saturday, December 19th!

Kitchen Table Showdown
Saturday, December 19th

Registration: 12:00 pm
Tournament: 1:00 pm
Entry: $10
Format: Showdown
Rounds: 4 Swiss rounds, no finals
Prizes: Win a round, win one $3.99 booster pack

10% Off all Magic booster packs, decks and supplies to participants
20% Off all Magic singles to participants
FREE chips, pretzels, snacks and sodas all night long!

A Paradox original! Kitchen Table Showdown is a casual Magic event. No format rules or card restrictions. Just a few basic Magic rules: no more than 4 of any card and at least 60 cards in your deck. Cards must be real Magic cards: no proxy cards and no Unglued/Unhinged. Lastly, no ante cards. Bring what you play at home!

One of our favorite events is back! Last year, this was a huge success and we’re happy to bring it around again. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this awesome event and have a blast. Magic players new and old, beginner or veteran, this is the Magic: The Gathering party for you!