Trios Constructed Tournament – Saturday, December 12th!

Trios Constructed Tournament
Saturday, December 12th

Registration: 11:00 am
Tournament: 12:00 pm
Entry: $45
Format: Trios team, Standard constructed
Rounds: Swiss, cut to Top 4 teams
1st Place – 12 BFZ packs/team member
2nd Place – 9 BFZ packs/team member
3rd-4th – 6 BFZ packs/team member
Participation packs to all other players

All right, Magic players one and all, we’re going to try something new and we hope exciting! It’s been a long time since we ran a Trios event but they are extremely fun and challenging tournaments!

How it works:
You and your teammates build three Standard decks but you can’t use more than four copies of any individual card except basic land between all three decks and sideboards. That’s the challenging part. If one deck plays four copies of Siege Rhino, that’s the only four Siege Rhinos on your team. You and your friends will have to put your heads together and come up with some dynamic decks and hope for good match ups!

Honestly, gang, we think this will be a fun day. It’ll take some planning on your part to make it that way. Form a team now, start building those decks, and join us for a unique play experience. Spread the word and hope to see you all there!