Pokemon City Championships – Saturday, January 16th!

Pokemon City Championships
Saturday, January 16th

Registration: 10:00 am
Tournament: 12:00 pm
Entry: $10 (Masters) Free for Juniors and Seniors
Format: Standard
Rounds: Swiss + Top Cut
1st Place – 36 packs
2nd Place – 20 packs
3rd-4th Place – 10 packs
5th-8th Place – 4 packs
9th-16th Place – 2 packs

Juniors and Seniors
1st Place – 18 packs
2nd Place – 10 packs
3rd-4th Place – 4 packs
City Championships points awarded based on attendance and place

Paradox Comics-N-Cards is proud to present North Dakota‘s first ever City Championships! We invite Pokemon competitive players from all over the area to join us for this big event.

Follow the link about City Championships. Make sure you check all the details for this event so you are ready to have a good day. Please take some time to spread the word to your fellow players. Let’s get this whole new era of tournaments off to a great start.


Thank you to all Pokemon fans. We hope to see you on January 16th for City Championships!!