Star Wars Game Day: X-Wing Academy Event!


Star Wars Game Day
X-Wing Academy Event
Saturday, January 23rd

First time flying? Veteran of the galactic civil war? Hopping around the Outer Rim on odd jobs? All pilots are welcome at the Paradox X-Wing Academy!

Exclusive Alternate Art Promo Cards • Amazon Price Matching • Three-Rounds of Dogfighting • Snacks and Drinks

It’s time to take your Star Wars fandom to a whole new level. Join us on Saturday, January 23rd and take part in a FFG Star Wars Game Day special event. We’re going to demo X-Wing for anyone starting out and then we’ll play three rounds and no matter your experience level, you have a part to play in the battle to restore freedom to the Galaxy!

Man your ships:

10AM: New Player Demo
Beginners and veterans are welcome to start their day here. All participants will receive exclusive alternate art promo cards. Veterans bring new players, help demo, and get cards. Beginners take the first step to becoming a star warrior to earn those promos.

11AM: Academy Registration
Register your 100 point squad for the Academy. Choose a side in the conflict. Play any squad you want, but battle as a member of the Empire, the Rebel Alliance or Scum and Villainy. You and your fellow pilots will work together against the other factions for bonus prizes.

12PM: Round One – Opening Shots
Our first of three rounds of dogfighting begins. Pit your star fighters against an enemy force and test your skills.

1:30PM: Round Two – Carbon Scoring
Your second skirmish. You’ll be paired based on your experience and the outcome of your first round to make this a great experience for everyone.

3PM: Round Three – Showdown
One last chance to test your mettle. Once again, your opponent will be matched to your experience level and you get a final chance to hone your abilities.

4:30PM: Graduation
We’ll determine which factions recorded the most wins and give awards for the following:

All participants: exclusive alternate art promo cards
Best new player: $15 X-Wing Ship
Best Pilot: $15 X-Wing Ship
Best Squad: $15 X-Wing Ship
Winning Faction: Free Star Wars Comics including exclusive retailer variant covers

Demo: Free to all participants
Academy: $10 / New Player Bonus: New Players play for half price and so does any player who brought them

To help you build your squads, Paradox will match Amazon pricing on all X-Wing product leading up to the event. We’ll also provide snacks and drinks at our Cantina for the duration of the Academy.

The Galaxy needs you! Take an active role in recruiting for the Academy and earn more rewards!! We’re looking for players who go the extra mile to promote the game and we’ll reward them with Paradox Gift Cards. Share your passion. Join us for the event. And, of course… May the Force be with you!

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