X-Wing Academy Tournament and Free Demo!


Star Wars Game Day
X-Wing Academy Event
Saturday, January 23rd

New Player Demo
Time: 10:00 am
Entry: Free to all participants
Prizes: Alternate art promo cards to all participants

X-Wing Academy
Registration: 11:00 am
– Players register their 100 pt squads and pick a faction: Empire, Rebel Alliance, or Scum and Villainy. Play any squad you want under your chosen banner. Work against rival factions for bonus prizes.

Round One – Opening Shots: 12:00 pm
– The dogfighting begins as you pit your ships and skill against your opponent.

Round Two – Carbon Scoring: 1:30 pm
– Players paired based on experience and the outcome of the first round.

Round Three – Showdown: 3:00 pm
– The showdown. Pairings based on experience level. Hone your abilities and engage your enemy. Which faction will reign supreme?

Graduation: 4:30 pm
– Results tallied and winning faction determined

Winning Faction – Free Star Wars comics, including exclusive retailer variant covers
Best Squad – $15 X-Wing ship
Best Pilot – $15 X-Wing ship
Best New Player – $15 X-Wing ship
Alternate art promo cards to all participants

First time flying? Veteran of the galactic civil war? Hopping around the Outer Rim on odd jobs? All pilots are welcome at the Paradox X-Wing Academy!

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