2HG Sealed Deck – Saturday, February 6th!

2HG Sealed Deck
Saturday, February 6th

Registration: 10:00 am
Tournament: 12:00 pm
Entry: $50/Team
Format: 2HG, OGW/BFZ Sealed Deck
Rounds: Swiss, Top 8 draft
Product: 2 OGW prerelease packs/team
1st Place – 2 OGW Fat Packs
2nd Place + booster packs, based on attendance

This is it!! Most likely our only competitive 2HG event for this set! You don’t want to miss out on a chance to do a 2HG draft with Surge!

2HG is always a dynamic and challenging event and now it’s even more so. You need a partner and we’ll do the rest. Show up at Paradox and you receive 2 prerelease packs from Oath of the Gatewatch containing a total of 4 BFZ boosters and 8 OGW boosters along with special prerelease promos and dice. It’s a second chance to get all those goodies. Then you build two decks and throw down against the field. The best 4 teams will get to try their hands at drafting. 2HG draft is an absolute blast.

Thanks gang. Take all the fun of normal Magic and double it. Imagine the craziness that these games will be!