Modern Tournament – Saturday, January 30th!

Modern Tournament
Saturday, January 30th

Registration: 11:00 am
Tournament: 12:00 pm
Entry: $15
Format: Modern
Rounds: Swiss, cut to Top 8
The prize pool will be 2 packs of Modern Masters 2015 per player, paid out as follows:
1 participation pack/player
1st Place – 40% of remaining packs
2nd Place – 20% of remaining packs
3rd-4th Place – 10% of remaining packs
5th-8th Place – 5% of remaining packs
Note: This percentage is meant to represent the scale of the pay out and will be as close as possible based on entry fees.

Okay, Modern maniacs, here’s a tourney with MM15 prizes too! We’re valuing MM15 at $7.50 per pack for this one to give you a good prize pool . Spread the word and hope to see you all there!