Force of Will Constructed Tournament – Thursdays at Paradox!

Force of Will – Constructed Tournament

Time: 6:00 pm
Entry: $5
Format: New Frontiers, constructed
Rounds: Swiss + top cut
1st Place – 5 booster packs
2nd Place – 3 booster packs
1 participation pack to all players

Come play Force of Will, Thursdays, starting February 25th, with a whole new weekly tournament!

That’s not all, Paradox is offering great deals on Force of Will product:

• Pre-ordered booster boxes: $89.99 ea.
• In-store booster boxes: $99.99 ea. Every day.
• Booster packs: $2.99 ea. Every day.
• Starter decks 20% off, always.

It’s a great time to be a Force of Will player. Spread the word. Bring your friends!

Thanks, everybody!