Geek & Sundry Game Night – Tonight at 6:30pm!


Geek & Sundry Game Night
Demo and WIN!
26 Roberts Street, Downtown Fargo
Wednesday, March 2nd
6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

The big night is here! It’s our second ‪#‎GnSGameNight‬ and we’re ready for you.

You’ve been invited. You’ve seen our posts. Now it’s time to game. We’ll open up the Event Center at around 6PM for you and your games. It’s the perfect night to bring a new gamer, a coworker or family member that’s heard you gush about your favorite hobby. Tonight is a combination of open play and organized gaming and it’s open for you to play any way you want.

This time around, Geek & Sundry provided us with three unique games. We’ll host a giant game of Wits & Wagers with as many of you as would like to take part. We expect to do this two or three times tonight and think it will be all kinds of fun as you ‘gamble’ on the trivia questions. Then there’s Three Cheers for Master and that game will be open a lot. It takes about half an hour to play and accommodates up to 6 players. So we’ll get that going right away and have you guys sign up for your turn to play. Lastly, there’s the Steam Time game. That’s the most intense of the three and will take quite a while to play. If you want to play that, make sure and let us know as it will be tough to get in more than a game or two based on the length of this game.

Thanks in advance to all our gamers. Just like the first time, we’ll be encouraging you guys to use your social media (#GnSGameNight, @geekandsundry) to show off our gaming chops here in Fargo-Moorhead! Thanks to you, Geek & Sundry automatically made us one of 50 locations in the Preferred Partner Network. Now we need to prove we’re the real deal. You’ll get tickets for using your social media and that’ll add to your chance to win at the end of the night.

We’ll cap the evening off by giving away all three games. All night long, you’ll earn more and more tickets as you take part in everything going on. I can’t wait to get this thing off the ground tonight and hope everyone has some fun with this. It’s a Wednesday night of games and community and it’s right here at Paradox!

Geek & Sundry:

Steam Time:


Wits & Wagers Deluxe:


Three Cheers For Master:…/175961/three-cheers-master