#117 – Dox Talks – Zac Duval

For this month’s Dox Talk, we sat down with local author Zac Duval to talk to him about his Chaotic Destiny series of novels that he has published for Kindle. Zac is a long time Magic player at Paradox, so we first talk to him about his gaming history. After that, we discuss how Zac got into writing and what his process is like. We then find out how he applies that process to his Chaotic Destiny series, of which he has digitally published the first two novels under his pen name Z.E. Duval. (Rich & Brian)

If you’re interested in reading A Chaotic Destiny and The Last Immortal, you can find them at Zac’s author page on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Z.E.-Duval/e/B00T7ZZ9Y6/