FNM Championship Season One Finals – Sunday, May 1st!

FNM Championship Season One Finals
Sunday, May 1st

Registration: 12:00 pm
Tournament: 1:00 pm
Entry: Free and exclusive to all players with an FNM Championship invite
Format: Standard
Rounds: Swiss + cut to Top 8
Prizes: Over $1000 in prizes!
1st Place – FNM Championship Trophy, Shadows Over Innistrad booster box
2nd-8th Place – Shadows Over Innistrad booster box
9th-16th Place – 3 Shadows Over Innistrad booster packs
Participation: All players will receive 2 packs of Paradox store custom sleeves

This is it. The finals for Season One. This year, we will be offering rotating formats for the finals. Much like Wizards of the Coast Pro Tours, we want to highlight the best of the game with diverse play. We’re starting the year with Standard as many players are excited about the format this Spring with SCG States and Grand Prix Minneapolis. This season’s finals takes place the same weekend as Shadows Over Innistrad Game Day and both those events will offer last chance invites. Don’t worry Modern and limited fans, your favorite formats are on the horizon.

Every week, you can qualify for this free invitational final event. We try to offer all the most popular formats we can along with a host of fan favorites. Each season, formats like Pauper, Commander, Build Your Own Block, Mini Masters, and lots more give players a chance to qualify by playing either their favorite format or something new and exciting.

All you need to do to qualify is to win one constructed event or two limited ones. Sorry, drafters, you’ll have to work a bit harder because your tournaments are always 8 players in size and we want to make it fair for the Standard or Modern player who had to churn through 5 or 6 rounds of opponents.

The prize pool this time is weighted towards our finalists. Last year’s finals were distributed deeper into the player base to reflect the length of that event. But now with 3 championships a year, we’re out to give the big reward on the big stage.

Thanks to everyone who competes every week. Congrats to everyone who is already qualified. There’s still about 8 weeks left so get down to Paradox and get involved in the FNM Championship this week!