Ladies Night – March 20th!


Ladies Night
A Paradox Comics-N-Cards Special Event
Sunday, March 20th

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00 pm
Entry: Free
Format: A get-together featuring board gaming, comics discussion, and food!
Prizes: Giveaways at the end of the evening of featured comics and games

• A night just for the ladies, all ages welcome!
• Special offers – Paradox coupon book, exclusive to this event!
• Games and comics – game table set up with board games, discussion of role of women in comics
• Potluck – Bring a favorite dish, dessert, or delicacy and share with the group. Drinks provided.
• Coloring and kid’s games for daughters

Ladies, it’s your night at Paradox Comics-N-Cards! Imagine an evening just for women featuring games, comics, and community. That’s the brand new Paradox Ladies Night.

The ultimate goal for us is to create an event run by women and run only for women. The shop will be run by two of our female employees and we have a core group who have helped get this off the ground.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for your night out:

The Store Is Yours
No guys allowed. No matter who you are — mother, daughter, sister, wife, aunt — you are invited to the party. We’re holding the event in the main store so you’ll have access to tables to relax and play games at as well as being able to browse all the cool merchandise we’ve got.

Special Offers
We’re going to give you something brand new here at Dox. We’ve got a coupon book chock full of special offers. These are new, unique and feature discounts, Gift Cards, and other great deals on almost every type of merchandise we have. Also, we’re setting up a special display highlighting women in comics and some of the awesome games we’ll have for you to play.

Games and Comics
We’ll have some board games set up and ready for you to play. Learn some new games or show off your skills at a favorite. Plus we’re going to have a discussion of the role of women in comics. Female comic writers to powerful and dynamic heroines, we’re going to give you an introduction to the role of women in today’s comics. You’ll have a chance to see these books and take them home as well.

Because it’s your night, we want to see your creativity and imagination. Got a favorite recipe for cookies? Or something special to share? Be a part of Ladies Night by contributing to our Potluck. Paradox will provide drinks. We’re planning on lemonade and looking into coffee and tea. We’ll also provide bowls, plates, and napkins. All you have to do is bring something for everyone to try.

We’ll close out the night by giving everyone a chance to win all the games and comics you’ve seen all night long. All we ask is that you try some of our games and discuss comic books. Can’t be much easier than that.

All Ages Welcome
We’ll have some special space set aside for even the little ladies out there. Expect an area to color or play games just for kids.

That’s it, everyone. It’s our first ever Ladies Night and we think it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re excited to see you there and hear your feedback so we can work to make this the most awesome night we can. We really hope to see you here. In the meantime, if you like this idea, please spread the word. Like or Share this on Facebook. Tell your friends and family.