Magic: the gathering Organized Play

Magic: The Gathering
Organized Play: everything you need to know but were afraid to ask!!

For nearly a quarter century, Paradox has been your home for the world’s greatest fantasy card game and now there’s never been a better time to join the action at the tables! Both Paradox and MTG are about to turn 25 but before we get there, we’ve got a fall full of blockbuster events and products! You’ve made friends, family, become pros, made epic plays, found great deals, incredible trades, and a hundred more things. Are you ready for what’s next?

We’re putting the pedal down and opening up Magic to every generation and every type of fan. Whether you bought Alpha packs in 1993 or are cracking your first Deckbuilder Tool Kit, you can do it all at Paradox. Here’s what we have planned this fall from brand new products for everyone to our events, you don’t want to miss a minute!

Open House
Saturday, September 16th 12N
Learn to play Magic with free demo decks and promos!

Ixalan Prerelease
Saturday, September 23rd – Sunday September, 24th
One week before you can buy packs, boxes and singles, you can get your hands on Ixalan cards at our 6 prerelease events!

Ixalan Release / Draft Weekend
Friday, September 29th
Pick up preorders, buy packs / decks / singles, play in special draft events, and start your collection!

Ixalan Sealed League
Monday, October 2nd – Monday,
October 31st
Start with 3 packs of Ixalan and add 1 each week to battle your friends and win promos!

Tuesday Night Magic: standard showdown / modern/ commander
Play your favorite format to break up the week!

Thursday Night Draft
Every Thursday
Pick the best cards you can from Ixalan packs and put your skills to the ultimate test!

Friday Night Magic
Standard / Modern / Booster Draft
Every Friday
Friday is the biggest night of the week for Magic so don’t miss a minute of the action!

Crazy 8s
8 special Friday Night Magic events
We’ll pick some of the most fun and casual fan favorite tournaments as a bonus to some of our Fridays!

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier
Saturday, November 11th
Compete in an Ixalan sealed deck tournament and begin your path to the ultimate Magic pinnacle: the Pro Tour!

Iconic Masters
Friday, November 17th
This Master set features some of the most powerful and famous cards in the game’s history plus is set to be one of the best draft experiences of the year!

Friday, December 7th
You’ve waited more than a decade to see what crazy new Un cards Magic will give you next so don’t miss the release plus lots of booster drafts!

Store champs
Saturday, December 30th
The top 8 players win booster boxes and if you are Paradox champ you’ll get a sweet playmat to prove it!

Two and a half decades down and the best is yet to come. Can you imagine the new worlds we’l visit, the new friends we’ll make, and the new tournament memories we’ll create together? Join Paradox and all our friends and family for the future of Magic: the Gathering. Like or Share this on Facebook and we’ll see you across the table!