Tabletop Night: Extra Life Kick Off Saturday, October 7th

Extra Life Tabletop Night
Saturday, October 7th
*blockbuster prizes
*open gaming and demos
*everything you need to know about Extra life

Each year, Paradox Comics and Fargo / Moorhead gamers take part in the 24-hour Extra Life fundraising marathon for the Children’s Miracle Network.
We’ve raised nearly $100,000 over the last 5 years and 100% of that money has gone directly to the children and families in need at the Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo.

Extra Life is our charity because we can use our love of gaming to make life better for kids in need right here in our own area. Whether you play board games, card games, role playing game, or miniatures games, you can be a hero and play games to heal kids.

Tabletop Night Kick Off event
*blockbuster giveaways
*achievements and activities
*demos and open play
*20% off all games and supplies

It all begins October 7th with our monthly tabletop night. We’re going to have sign up, fundraising strategies, and all the information you need to be part of the marathon. Plus we’re going to shower you with one of our biggest night’s giveaways ever. We’ve gathered every promo, demo game, or item from manufacturer’s promoting their new game releases that we have and we’re giving them all away. It’s a no-holds barred blockbuster night and you can’t miss a minute of it.

The F/M Extra life Guild are on hand all evening to help you register, give you strategies to fundraise, and tell you why it’s so important. It’s time to create your extra Life fundraising page and get out there and promote. It’s up to all of us to take the time to raise money for our efforts. We want you to act now to join the cause and if you are already a member, take your fundraising to the next level.

Extra Life Marathon

On Saturday, November 4th at 8Am, the games begin. Our entire store is dedicated to this effort for 24 hours.There will be a live stream, seats for 150 gamers, space for video game players, silent auctions, special day of fundraisers, food, sales, and so much more. You will always remember that you were at Paradox for this and you’ll change kids lives forever.

Join us October 7th for tabletop night, create your fundraising page, and get ready for Extra Life. Here are the links to everything you need to start and all the information about Paradox previous Extra Life events. Be a hero. Play games. Heal kids.

Extra Life website:

Paradox Comics Extra Life:

Extra Life at Paradox