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Every Friday at Paradox, every player matters and every format matters. As you play the most fun and exciting Magic: the Gathering formats, you also earn your own unique rewards.

Whether it’s your first MTG game or you’ve been to the Pro Tour, DOX FNM is the perfect place to play.


We will host 3 seasons each year. The first Friday of every season will be Free-Day Night Magic. Every week we will have Standard, Modern, and Booster Draft.


8 Fridays each season, we’ll offer some of your favorite formats beyond what you can play each week. Whether it’s Legacy, Commander, or Chaos Draft, these are the most fun events for DOX FNM. We’re looking for the craziest decks and the craziest players out there. Best of all when you win one of these, you are qualified for one final unique booster draft event at the end of the season with exclusive prizes.


You know you can win packs by placing high in FNM events, but now you can win prizes just by playing. Our DOX FNM achievement system rewards you for all kinds of fun in-game actions like beating someone without taking damage or playing 4 copies of the same card. You can also complete achievements by participating in different types of tournaments or by winning them. Each season we’ll have new ones so there’s always a different challenge when you are here. The more you complete, the more you win. Track the following achievement levels using your own achievement list which you will get at your first DOX FNM:

Common: Complete 3 achievements and earn 1 booster pack

Uncommon: Complete 9 achievements and earn 3 booster packs

Rare: Complete 20 achievements including at least 3 participation ones and get 9 booster packs plus an exclusive DOX FNM t-shirt

Mythic Rare: Rank in the top 4 players for achievements and earn 1 booster box plus an exclusive DOX FNM playmat