Paradox Gold Rewards

Paradox has its own rewards program called Paradox Gold to encourage regular attendance, bring in new players, and help DMs tell the best stories possible.

What is Paradox Gold?

Players and DMs who attend Paradox AL events regularly can build up store credit that can be redeemed for adventuring essentials like pop and snacks or larger loot like dice, minis, and even books! Swing by the store to get a DCI number card and create a Paradox Gold account so you can be registered to play and earn gold.

100 gold = $1.00 of store credit

Players earn 300 gold for playing at an Adventurers League session (cost of $5 per session for the table fee) and DMs earn 100 gold per player at their table for running a session (no table fee for DMs).

If you already have a DCI number, create a Paradox Gold account here.
If you already have a rewards account, check your Paradox Gold account status here.

How do I earn Paradox Gold?

1. Pay for an Adventurers League session ($5 each, or 10 sessions for $45).
2. Each time you come to play, you’ll check-in via a QR code you can scan with your phone or the friendly folks at the counter can get you checked-in.
3. Get 300 gold in your account immediately, which can be spent for $3 on anything in the store. There is no cap to what you can earn.

DMs get 100 gold ($1.00 in credit) per player at their table for each session they host and their session fee for the night is waived. A table maxes at 7 players. DMs still need to check-in via QR code or at the counter so we can keep track of attendance and match up players to DMs.

If you have any questions or want to hang out with the community of players and DMs, join us in the Fargo D&D Slack channel. You can request an invite here. We love meeting new people!