Magic: the Gathering Archive

  • Magic: The Gathering – Guilds of Ravnica

    Magic: The Gathering – Guilds of Ravnica Welcome to your website home for our return (to the return) to Ravnica at Paradox Comics-N-Cards! • Prerelease Preregistration • What’s a Prerelease • Preorders Welcome back to Ravnica, perhaps the most popular plane in the history of Magic:The Gathering! We present here your complete guide to Preorders, Prereleases, […]

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  • Magic: the Gathering – Commander (2018)

    Magic: the Gathering – Commander (2018 Edition) • Release Date: Friday, August 10, 2018! • 4 New Commander Decks (Adaptive Enchantment, Exquisite Invention, Nature’s Vengeance, and Subjective Reality)! • Each deck contains: A ready-to-play 100-card Commander Deck, including never-before-printed Magic cards, 1 deck storage box, 10 token cards, strategy inserts, & rules reference guide! • […]

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  • Magic: the gathering Organized Play

    Magic: The Gathering Organized Play: everything you need to know but were afraid to ask!! For nearly a quarter century, Paradox has been your home for the world’s greatest fantasy card game and now there’s never been a better time to join the action at the tables! Both Paradox and MTG are about to turn […]

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