*updated information* as of 3/23/2020


*UPDATE 3/23/2020*

C.A.S.E.—Call Ahead Shopping Experience—Updates

Starting today, our front doors are locked, but we’re still on the C.A.S.E. We’re here 11AM-6PM and ready to serve. Like so many of you, we have to put the safety of our staff and our families and our customers first so in some ways this is the next hardest decision I’ve ever made, and at the same time it’s in keeping with my philosophy and principles. Thank you all so much for your support this past week. I’ve witnessed acts of kindness and love not just for the shop but around the community. You’ve proven again how incredible you are and you’ve reminded me of my purpose as a proud member of the comic and game world.

I’d like to take a sec for personal request:

Today is the day for any one who has not done so to take stock of your situation. I hope that this move today, along with others we’ve made over the last week, is a message to you about how to be conscious of your decisions. There are a lot of conflicting messages out there and it makes it hard to know what to think. Make today your day to evaluate what you’ve done so far. Are you isolated? Is your family safe? Are you taking care of yourself mentally and physically? Entertainment and normal life is a critical part of who we are and I know all the temptations for us to make unsafe choices. I’m no different. Yesterday was a day of peace and reflection for me and I came to see that I was not satisfied with what I was choosing to do. I could expose my wife who has asthma, I could expose a staff member who might take it home, or I could expose you by inviting you in. The only thing you can control is your own choice.

All right, now who wants to buy stuff....???? If you can, continue to support Paradox. Follow the post below and we’ll be on the C.A.S.E.!


Paradox is on the C.A.S.E.

Updated corona virus policies

Ok Paradox family, every single day things change. Every single day we are talking and thinking and working to come up with a response. That creates a huge amount of uncertainty and anxiety. There’s enough of that in the world. Let’s keep it simple here at Paradox. We’ve come up with a simple 4 word plan.

Call Ahead Shopping Experience
Details below, but this program is designed to comprehensively explain what you can expect when you are going to rely on Paradox to get your comics or games or help you from going insane. We also think this allows us to be as stable as possible and not constantly announce a new program.

New Store Hours:
11AM-6PM every day
We fully expect to have to lock the front door to the public any hour or any day, but either way these will be our hours of operation.

Call Ahead:
It all starts here. This is the Paradox store phone number. I need you to memorize it. Tattoo yourself with it. Make it your computer screen back drop. Do not forget it or lose it.

Any visit to Paradox whether our front door is unlocked or not should begin with this.

Shopping Experience:
Your phone call will determine how you shop. Here are the options.

*Curb Side Pick Up: simple straight forward.

*USPS Delivery:
Yeah, we talked about in town delivery but we don’t see that as safe or viable and we know we can rely on the good old postman to deliver through anything.

*Appointment Shopping:
Set up a time when we can make sure you are the only person here. Yes, this applies more to a time when the door is locked, but similar to curb side pick up it makes you the safest you can be.

*Personal Shopping:
Our staff will guide you through the shop and answer all your questions and assemble your order.

Payment Options:
While you are on the phone with us, we will arrange your payment. Here are the options:

*Over the phone debit or credit card
*3rd party secure credit card storage so we can simply charge it
*PayPal invoice
*In store payment: we’d prefer if we were able to take payment over the phone or by PayPal to minimize your time here, but if that’s not an option, we’ll work through it together.

That’s it. It really comes down to those basics no matter how else we frame it.

Thank you so much for your support and trust during this time. We’ve worked as hard as we can every single minute of every day through this. We know that everyone’s safety is the top concern and we think this plan executes and represents our store philosophy and that belief as well as we can.


Special Announcement from the Paradox Comics-N-Cards family;

Nothing is more precious to us than the health and well being of our staff and customers so today we are are announcing the suspension of all public events along with reduced hours and new services as we all navigate this together.

We’re so grateful to be part of this big, crazy, nerd family and to be part of your lives through so much. Usually we’re excited to tell you about the next big event you can look forward to, so today is one of the hardest days we’ve ever faced, but the only prioirty is the health and safety of our customers, our families, and our employees.

Our weekly Tuesday Night Magic, Wednesday night D&D Adventurer’s League, Friday Night Magic, Dragon Ball Super, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and anything else where our community gathers together will cease. We’re working with all our event organizers and staff and we will announce many alternative ways for you to participate in your community and stay connected. We know that we’ll be able to announce the return of all your favorite activities and we’ll be working to make that day a special one.

Paradox is not closing down for retail business and in fact we’ve got some new policies and services to help us all through this.

*Health safety: since last week, we’ve instituted regular and repeated daily cleaning and required all employees to regularly wash their hands. We’ve asked anyone on staff or visiting to stay home if they are not well. We’re looking for any and all possible measures we can put in place. We won’t invite you in without doing everything we can to keep you safe.

*Hours: we’re shortening our evening hours to reflect the lack of events. We’re opening at 10AM as normal and closing at 7PM.

Some have asked what can be done to support Paradox through this time. My heart is filled with gratitude when someone asks this. I know Paradox feels like a fixture after nearly three decades, but this is as challenging a time for us as everyone else. We depend on our new comic customers, our gamers, and all our visitors every week and every month. I can think of a few steps you could consider to make sure that still continues and I’m working on other posts with details.

*Curb Side Pick Up: starting Wednesday, you can arrange with us to make your purchases without coming in the shop. Here’s how you do this:

Phone: 701.239.9505

We’ll work on a google form for this as well, but for now, call and arrange a pick up with a Paradox employee who will tell you where to meet and bring your orders to you. I’ll post a location with pics soon.

*Online Ordering: our e-commerce website is already stocked with preorders for Magic: the Gathering Ikoria products and board games and we’re finalizing our shipping options to go along with our pick-up ones. Our selection is small for now but it’s there and waiting.

*Think of us when you are looking online: yes, you’ll need to pick up the phone, or email, or contact us through FB, but before you make that purchase, see if we can take care of you.

*Buy a gift card: whether it’s for now or future use, this could be a perfect way to support us now and in the future.

*Stay informed and stay safe:

We can’t stress enough how fluid this is and will be for some time to come. Please remain informed, watch the news, and stay tuned here.

Thank you one and all for reading and sharing this. We will support each other and our community through this. What we do today, we do to save lives. Better days will come and we’ll all have been heroes.