Can't make it to this year's GenCon? Neither can we. So instead of sitting around pouting let's all gather together for Game Day and make it a spectacle to behold!

Read on below to learn more about everything we're packing into August 3rd's Game Day Summer Extravaganza - A GenCan't Event!

What exactly is GenCan't?

As you may or may not know, GenCon is one of the biggest, hottest, most exciting board gaming conventions of the year. Held in Indianapolis, Indiana every August, thousands flock to this con to play and buy new games, show off their own designs, chat with industry professionals, and take part in exclusive events - not to mention play tons and tons of games with like-minded gamers! 

Well, not everyone can make it to GenCon, and back in 2014 a fateful Twitter exchange created the hashtag #GenCant, and the event was born! Here's what the creators have to say about it:

  • GenCant is a community created and fueled event.
  • Call it an UnConvention, a Virtual Con, or Digital Gathering – just call it fun!
  • GenCant is intended to be something a bit fun for everyone who can’t attend the world’s biggest board gaming event, Gen Con.
  • GenCant is not intended as a competitive event to Gen Con or a criticism of Gen Con. We love Gen Con even though we can’t go!

Given that GenCon (and thus GenCan't) falls on Paradox's regular monthly Game Day, we couldn't resist the opportunity to jam-pack the day full of as much fun as we possibly could. In addition to open gaming from store open to close, check out these awesome events:

Board Game Challenges


Play as you please, possibly procure prizes!

Starting at 10am and going until 8pm we'll have copies of Sushi Roll, Dixit, Dungeon Mayhem, and King of Tokyo set out for you to play at your leisure. Maybe you've got a few minutes before a tournament starts, or you're waiting for a friend to finish their game so you can start up the next one, or maybe you just want to make sure you play each of these games for chances to win ValleyCon badges. No matter the reason, these easy-to-learn and quick-to-play games will be waiting for you!


Oh, and there's pandemic too

One day, while an industrious employee was moving some comic stacks he stumbled upon a small box from Z-Man Games. Despite the many warnings in various arcane languages emblazoned upon it, he opened the box and found... sets of Pandemic role miniatures! We figured a Pandemic Challenge would be an excellent way to distribute these rare collectables, and that August Game Day was the time to do it!

Teams of four can grab a copy of Pandemic and play at the hardest difficulty, recording and submitting their score after playing. When the day is done we'll give one set of miniatures to each of the top three teams!

Demos Abound!


Of course we have demos!

It wouldn't be Game Day without some demos, would it? And on this special day, we're offering up some good ones - First off, we'll have a table ready for six brave adventurers to dive into Dungeons and Dragons! As always, we'll supply everything you need including characters, dice, and the DM, you just need to bring your imagination and thirst for adventure!

We're also going to mix things up in the RPG department with a session of Starfinder! Similar to Dungeons and Dragons but set in a sci-fi universe for those that prefer lasers to lightning bolts!

We'll also be offering several demos of the classic take-that card game Red Dragon Inn to make sure you know how to play in case you want to join the tournament later (more on that in a bit!). *While this game is appropriate for most audiences it should be noted that it deals with themes of drinking, gambling, and the various situations that happen in a tavern.

Follow the links below for more information and to reserve yourself a seat at the table!

The Board Game Pentathalon


Do you have what it takes?

Do you have not only the brains to outwit and outplay your opponents in board games, but also the stamina to make it through the entire Board Game Pentathalon?!

Eight players (four per table) will have the opportunity to show off their board gaming acumen and their never-say-die spirit as they take on five games back-to-back in a winner-take-all slugfest (of gaming)! You'll gain points depending on how you place after each game, and at the end of the fifth game whoever has the highest standing wins!

Follow the link below to sign up and claim one of those coveted eight spots for your chance to achieve (board game) fame and glory!

Board Game Relay Races


Short Bursts of Gaming Goodness!

If marathons aren't your thing, how about sprints? Presenting: The Fantastic Paradox Board Game Relay Race!

Up to four teams of four players each will have a position at four tables, each of which will sport one of four games. After a five-minute round, players will quickly move to the next table and take their teammate's seat, taking over their position in the game for another five-minute burst! After five rounds, scores are totaled for each game, added together, and the team with the highest total score wins!

Sign up by following the links below!

The Red Dragon Inn Tournament


A Tournament in the Tavern!

Your adventuring party has just made it through the dungeon- gathered the loot, defeated the beast, saved the village- so naturally it's time to celebrate! ...and maybe lighten the pockets of your fellow party members...

Paradox, in conjunction with Anime Fargo, is pleased to present a Red Dragon Inn Tournament, featuring seats for up to 35 players (five tables of seven players each) in a three-round, no-holds-barred, winner-take-all epic contest of gambling, bluffing, and holding down your liquor*!

Sign up at the link below, and be sure to check out our demos earlier in the day to learn how to play, freshen up your skills, or just have more Red Dragon Inn fun!

*No alcohol will be served, and no actual gambling will take place. It's all just mechanisms in the game that make for a great time!

What do you think, gamers? Are you ready for a summer event that's not to be missed? One that's definitely worthy of the title, "EXTRAVAGANZA?" Make sure you sign up for the various demos and events to ensure you save a seat and we will see you Saturday August 3rd for this awesome GenCan't Game Day!