Remember discovering your first comic, playing games with  your family,  imagining yourself in grand adventures, and, best of all, finding friends who shared your feelings? Paradox returns you to those memories as we bring you Back to the Books, a five-day extravaganza of sales and events!

Every day of back to the Books brings you a chance to rediscover your old favorite hobby or get started on a new one. We'll have experts on hand  to demo games, recommend graphic novels, find the right comics for you, and return you your favorite hobbies! 

Back to the Books: 9/4-9/8 Full Schedule


Wednesday, September 4th 10AM-9PM

It’s too big for just once a year!!! We’ve got free comics from 2019 and several years before hand and they are yours for the taking!!


Thursday, September 5th 10AM-9PM

While supplies last, we’re giving away absolutely FREE graphic novels! We’ll also have experts on hand to show you all the amazing books coming out you need to start!


Friday, September 6th 10AM - Midnight

We are North Dakota’s Premium magic shop and it’s time for you to see why! We’ve got Friday Night Magic plus everything you need to join the world’s greatest game, not to mention our expert staff who are also players and fans!


Saturday, September 7th 10AM - 8PM

We kick off every month with Game Day, but this one is even extra -special! Bring your family by to see all the great games we’ve got to demo plus take part in our open gaming!


Sunday, September 8th: 3pm-8PM

Whether you discovered fantasy from Stranger Things or Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons is the world’s greatest role playing game and you can celebrate your fandom right here!

There’s no more important books to every nerd than these 3: the Player’s Handbook, the Monster Manual, and the Dungeon Master’s Guide. That holy trinity forms the core of the world’s greatest adventure, the original role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Back to the Books would not be complete without a trip to the unbelievable worlds of your imagination.

Whether you are a long time D&D player or looking for a place to start, this is a perfect afternoon for you. We’ve brought all the adventure that you’ll find every single Wednesday night to this day and made it even tastier with our special pot luck. Here’s what you’ll get when you come to play:

3PM The gathering

Bring your pot luck and spend an hour of fellowship and community while you and your DMs get ready for an afternoon of magic and mayhem.

4PM: The Adventure Begins

You’ll take on a brand new quest full of dangers and treasures and you’ll need every good die roll you get!

Entry Fee: $5

This is our weekly entry fee every Wednesday. Your ticket gets you a seat at the table plus enters you in our Gold Reward system which earns your store credit every time you play.

The time is now. Draw your sword, raise your bow, or open your spellbook. No matter how you want to face the challenge, our tables are full of unforgettable fun and incredible wonder.


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