Many of you know our Black Friday Sale featuring nearly every thing in the shop at Buy 2 / Get 1 Free!!

This year it’s spilled over into the middle of summer!!

We’ve got Street Fairs, Red River Valley Fair, the boss is getting married, we got remodels, and new website, so all year long we are bringing you special surprises like this to commemorate the 26th year of Paradox!!


Here's how it works:

*Buy 2 / Get 1 Free:
The equal or lowest priced item will be your free one.

*No limits:
Take advantage of this as many times as you like. Buy 20 games and get 10 free.

*Applies to the full price of games:
This deal does not work with any other offer, coupon, or discount.

*Only applies to board games:
In November, it’ll apply to everything, but our Black Summer Sale is board games only. No role playing games, supplies, card games, or anything comic related.

*In-Stock games only:
In November, we’ll take rain checks and special orders but for this one, the sale is only good on what’s on the shelf now.

No matter how you celebrate your summer, make sure there’s a board game with you!! Stop by Paradox all week and take advantage of this great deal!!