Paradox Proudly Pledges!

Paradox is pleased to announce the successful pledging of two very exciting Kickstarter campaigns: Blood on the Clocktower and Terraforming Mars: Turmoil! Preorder products are now available in our web store!


Success! After announcing our intent to dig into Kickstarters this game jumped to the top of our list, and we've very happy that you seem to be just as excited as we are. This bluffing game looks like so much fun we've decided to pick up an extra three copies for our loyal customers who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. Don't hesitate to get this awesome game with all the Kickstarter goodies before they disappear!


There's no denying the popularity of Terraforming Mars, and there's definitely no denying how great of a game it truly is. With that in mind we had to jump at the chance to pick up six copies of the Kickstarter edition, which are available in our web store! You want dual-layer player boards and promo cards that won't be available in the retail version? Order now!

As always we appreciate your continued excitement and support as we keep working to make Paradox the best it can be for all gamers! Keep an eye out for more great opportunities!