Saturday January 25th and Sunday January 26th


Thanks to your efforts, we have raised around $2,000.00 for 4 Luv of Dog Rescue! THAT'S AMAZING!

D&D4Dogs will be back next year the weekend of April 24th/25th, so mark your calendars and we'll see you all then!

Perhaps the first and most important rule for any adventurer is to protect and serve those in need. You might lay down your life for the most innocent or sacrifice your own goals for those who can’t help themselves. D&D4dogs takes your love of gaming and do-gooding to the real world in the ultimate fundraising experience! Every time you play, you help a puppy find a home.

4luvofdog Rescue is an all-volunteer, non profit animal shelter with one goal: find great homes for great dogs who need them. Every day, the dedicated people there need supplies to take care of dogs and the dogs need a chance and time to find the right home. It’s up to you to become true champions with chances to play, DM, and make a real difference!


Want to learn more and see some irresistably adorable pictures? Visit the 4luvofdog website!

Want to make a donation right now? You can do that!

D&D4Dogs Sessions and Preregistration

This blog includes full details for all our role playing sessions along with registration links. You can play once or all weekend, you can volunteer to help run events, or you can just make a donation to help the cause!

*All Eberron adventures will require a D&D Adventurers League legal Eberron character.

*Table availability may change depending on what is filling up.

*If you need assistance with creating a character please show up at least 30 minutes before your session.


Entry Fee Donations:

Each table run over the weekend will result in a $50 donation to 4luvofdog Rescue made in the name of that table’s DM. Our goal is to run no less than 20 tables and we’re counting on your involvement as players and DMs to reach this goal. Additional fundraising will take place with our now famous Mason jar donation challenge taking place during every session.

Saturday January 25th: Eberron

Welcome back to one of D&Ds most classic settings! For our kick off to this unforgettable weekend, we’re sending you on a quest through Eberron to face some of the most classic monsters and locations in the game’s history! You can play through the entire day with the same party and DM or stop in for one of 3 unique game sessions but no matter your involvement, you’ll be part of this fundraiser and a true hero!

9AM-1PM: Session 1

*Eberron Oracle of War 1 - The Night Land

The brokers of Salvation pay good coin for artifacts scavenged from the haunted battlefields of the Mournland. In this nest of cutthroats, daring explorers gather to carve their destinies from the ruins of Cyre. They’ll need all the help they can get: it’s no secret that most scavengers don’t survive their first expedition in the Gray. This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 1, and is the first adventure in the four-part Spoils of War storyline.

*Session Fee / donation: $10
*6 Tables available for up to 42 players
**4 tables will be fixed groups who will play together all day!
**2 tables will feature options for players who can make it once and have both Tier 1 and Tier 2 gaming available!

2PM-6PM: Session 2

*Eberron Oracle of War 2 - Voice in the Machine

The adventurers head deep into the Mournland to rescue a missing salvage team. In the heat of battle, they unearth a strange device from the ruins: The Oracle of War. This machine knows all the secrets they need to overcome their enemies – if only the adventurers can figure out how to operate it! This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 2, and is the second adventure in the four-part Spoils of War storyline.

*Session Fee /donation: $10
*6 Tables available for up to 42 players
**4 tables will be fixed groups who will play together all day!
**2 tables will feature options for players who can make it once and have both Tier 1 and Tier 2 gaming available!

7PM: Session 3 - Epic

Eberron Epic 1 - The Iron Titan

In this epic event, Cultists of the Emerald Claw reanimate a gargantuan warforged titan from the battlefields outside Salvation and turn it against the outpost. The scavengers in town must work together to disable the titan limb-by-limb and save the outpost from annihilation. They are aided throughout by the Oracle of War, which provides vital tactical advice alongside cryptic verses from the Draconic Prophecy. This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 3, and is the Epic adventure playable as part of the Spoils of War storyline.

*Session Fee / Donation: $20
6 tables available for up to 42 players.

*This Epic pits every player, table, and DM together against incredible odds ! Every week or at home, you and your party fight incredible forces of darkness but now you’re part of the largest group of adventurers ever and your all working together in the same game!

Sunday, January 26th: 11AM-5PM

*D&D Casual / Free For All ?
*6 Tables available for up to 42 players
*Session Fee / Donation: $20
This is our most unique part of the weekend! We’re opening up gaming sessions to anyone who wants to run something fun and exciting! We’re running one long gaming session and we’re bringing in food and other surprises to make it our most relaxed, fun, and casual day of adventuring!

Play all weekend!

Access to all 4 sessions
Entry Fee: $50

Total session fees individually are $60 so this is the perfect donation level for the most hard core players.

*For tables playing all weekend,  you will complete the Spoils of War storyline on Sunday with these adventures:

Eberron Oracle of War 3 - Where the Dead Wait

On their way back to Salvation, the adventurers are ambushed by a large force of undead and forced to seek shelter in a ruined cottage. As the dead close in from all sides, the survivors turn to the Oracle of War for a lifeline. Only this time, things don’t play out as expected…. This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 3, and is the third adventure in the four-part Spoils of War storyline.

Eberron Oracle of War 4 - The Third Protocol

The Oracle of War has been recovered from the Mournland. Its creators respond by activating “The Third Protocol”, an instruction to recover the device and eliminate all who know of its existence. As night falls, a posse of assassins step off the lightning rail with orders to raze Salvation to the ground and steal the Oracle. This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 4, and is the fourth and final adventure in the four-part Spoils of War storyline.


Call for Dungeon Masters!

The key to this weekend is that we need Dungeon Masters to run every table. You are the backbone to all of it. The donations and games hinge on your involvement.

In total, we have 48 sessions that need a DM. We already have some volunteers and some of you will do more than one session. Meaning we aren’t looking for 48 different DMs, just a great group of dedicated souls ready and willing, and able to be our biggest heroes.

Your reward is that all donations will be made in your name. We will donate $50 to 4luvofdog Rescue for each session you run. You could be responsible for up to $250 in much needed money. Without you, we can’t get this done.

In addition, Paradox will make sure you have snacks and drinks all weekend and we will offer you an exclusive reward to DMs. This offer will come via email or in person.

As for material you can run or expect to be asked to run, here is our guideline. First, we will choose a series of past AL adventures to run. Where possible, we will have a DM run multiple consecutive sessions building on where they start. Second, you may bring your own adventures from home. We ask these to be apropriate content for any aged player and to be reasonable and not too crazy. And finally, we need 8 DMs to help run our Epic at 7PM on Saturday night.

We will work with DMs by email and by a special Facebook group as the day draws near. You will know one week in advance what you are running and when. You will have all materials you need to run your tables. Just like with players, please be patient. We need to see how many are registering, we need to see how many DMs we have, and we need to get that all put together. This will take time and we ask you to trust and work with us through the process

To volunteer as a DM and for more information, please email: paradox@paradoxcnc.com or call 701.239.9505

Downtown Fargo

This event is happening in the heart of downtown Fargo, an incredible and vibrant destination for any weekend of fun. We’re surrounded by unique restaurants, bars, museums, and all kinds of activities you won’t believe.

Downtown Fargo is home to the Radisson and Hotel Donaldson, just blocks away from Paradox. Both of these are classic and beautiful hotels with great features. 

The following are links to all the businesses and shops and restaurants and bars around us. Take a look at all the great things you can do. We’ve also included a map of all the parking available as well.

Info Box

What great cause stirs your heart? What would you do to meet it? When there is a need, heroes arise. This is the call of Dungeons and Dragons. This is the summon to adventure. When the cause is just, when the purpose is noble, the greatest heroes arise. Will you heed the call and take this cause as your own? Stay tuned for more details, preregister soon (as seating is limited), and be ready for more exciting elements of our D&D4Dogs weekend to be revealed.

We ask everyone who understands how important and fun this event is to take the time to share this event. Use your social media, your email contacts, and your own voice to tell your friends, family, and coworkers why your involved. You can play and donate, but you can also recruit to the cause. It only takes a moment of your time to help more dogs find homes.