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Board Game Relay #2 (A GenCan’t Event)

What the heck is a board game relay?! We’re pretty sure it’s something we just invented…

Up to four teams of four people each play four games in short bursts before shifting games and pickup where their teammates left off to try and maximize their scores – the team with the highest combined score wins!

The Relay games are:

Ticket to Ride

Play Example: The Yellow Team will have a player at each of the four games. Player 1 starts at Catan, Player 2 at Ticket to Ride, etc. The timer starts and play begins until the timer ends; players then move to the next game taking over their teammate’s spot (Player 1 moves to Ticket to Ride, Player 2 moves to Dominion, and so on). The timer starts, play commences, and continues in that fashion until each player has played each game once.

A draft of the Relay rules can be found here.

*At least eight players are required for a full Relay – games may be dropped to accommodate smaller numbers of players. Players are expected to know the rules to each of these games in order to make the event run smoothly and on time.


August 3
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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