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Commander Masters Commander Clash

Your favorite format! Great products! Great prizes! Let’s have a rocking day slinging cards!!!

  • 10AM: All products on sale!
  • 5PM: FNM Special Release Events!

The goodies: Collector, Draft, Commander Decks, & some singles as well! We have not set prices yet for Friday, but coming soon.


  • Entry Fee: $10.00 + 1 Commander Masters Commander Deck (Must be purchased from Paradox)
  • Format: 1 Commander Pod (Your choice of players)

Magic Companion App

No matter how you choose to play, registration is easier than ever! Download the companion App for IOS or Android and create your acount today. All you need now is a Wizards email address when you sign up and best of all it can all be done remotely using the app. Play Arena? You’ve already got a Wizards email! It only takes a minute to set up your app and you are always ready to play Magic!


August 4, 2023
6:15 pm - 11:00 pm
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  • Win-A-Pod: 1 Commander Masters Collector Pack!
  • Additional pod prize: 1 Foil MTG Promo Pack (pod choice who gets it)
  • All participants: 1 MTG promo pack