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Commander Party: March of the Machine

One night! One final battle! Welcome all Commander players to the end of the war against the Phyrexians and the opening of the MTG Omnipath! This FNM, you’ll play your favorite format, but more than that, you’re game will tell the story of the final battle for the Multiverse and what happens will in turn change the fate of your game as well!

For the MOM Commander Party, you’ll defend the Planes of Magic: the Gathering as they are attacked (Besieged) and succeed by defending them (Victorious). All you have to do is play games with friends new and old, choose your opponents and fellow Commander players all night long as you work to gain power for your faction. As the games continue, you and your fellow Magic fans will unlock more secrets cooperatively from our Commander Party map, and you’ll finally reach the end of the journey that began with Dominaria United.

Bring any commander deck of your choice. First time players can try the new March of the Machine Commander Decks, veterans can bring their nastiest home brews, and everyone is welcome.

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  • When: Friday, 26th 2023
  • Entry Fee: $5.00

Magic Companion App

No matter how you choose to play, registration is easier than ever! Download the companion App for IOS or Android and create your acount today. All you need now is a Wizards email address when you sign up and best of all it can all be done remotely using the app. Play Arena? You’ve already got a Wizards email! It only takes a minute to set up your app and you are always ready to play Magic!


May 26
6:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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  • Participation Promo: Phyrexian Language Beast Within
  • Additional Prizes: MTG Promo Packs & Foil Promo Cards