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Fargo Moorhead Game Day

*Paradox March madness Weekend!
*Special storewide discounts
*Demo games and earn coupons and bigger discounts
*Open game space

We’re launching the biggest, boldest, gaming experience in the history of the shop and it all starts here!! You’ve built your hobbies with us, you’ve lived the board game life with us, and now it all goes to the next level!!!

March Game Day Games:
When you demo games, you not only get a chance to try something new, but you get a chance to win as well!
*Try any one demo and get a bonus 5% discount on any purchase!
*Try 2 or more demos, get a $5 Paradox Gift Card!
*All demos: earn a ticket for our end of night drawing featuring your choice of 1 of today’s games!

*Mystic Vale
*Code Names
*Wits and Wagers
*Dungeons and Dragons

All day long, we’ll have a few games set up for you and your friends to try to beat! You can stop any time but the further you go, the more you might win!
*The Mind

Open Gaming All Day
There are lots of events going on but our tables are yours starting at 10AM. Don’t wait for the party at night if you want to get started early! Try some demos, bring your games from home, rent some games, try our sales, and make it an all day affair!

20% Discount
All day long, take 20% off all your board game purchases! Try our demos for bonus discounts and coupons!

Other Events:
Board gaming is the backbone of Game Day, but it’s just part of what’s happening! We’re out to pack our tables and give very gamer a chance to see all the other amazing things they can try!
*Key Forge Event
*Warhammer Kill Team Event
*Magic the Gathering Modern Tournament

6PM: good old fashioned Tabletop Night!
It all builds up to the biggest night of open gaming around! As always, bring your friends, your games, and your passion; we have the chairs and tables waiting!


March 2 @ 10:00 am
March 3 @ 12:00 am
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