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FREE Commander Party: Lost Caverns of Ixalan

Pirates, dinosaurs, and a journey to the center of the earth? Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime below the lands of Ixalan and be prepared for anything from a pirate ambush to stomping Dino’s!!

What’s a commander Party?

You and your Commander Pod will use special Ixalan materials while you play your games. These will guide you through the Lost Caverns and get you back safe from your journey to the center of the … plane! For 2 hours, you might just go on a lifetime of adventure! Please feel free to join and play both before and after as well!

If you are brave enough, if you are skilled enough, you and your fellow Commander players will survive and like any good pirate adventure find the buried treasure as well!

Our goal with a Commander Party is to emphasize the fun that is the heart of Commander gaming. We want you to enjoy your gaming and not worry about who wins and who loses or what the big prize might be. Bring your decks, your friends, and your sense of wonder!


  • Entry Fee: FREE!!
  • Format: Commander pods (your choice of players)**
    • If you are new to Paradox or Commander, we’ll introduce you to our Commander community and make sure you have a great group to play with!

Magic Companion App

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December 16
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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  • Bring-A-Friend Promo: 1 Cultivate Foil Promo to anyone who brings a first-time player along!