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It’s Your Turn – A Magic: the Gathering Special Event

For more than 25 years, you’ve played Magic with me and seen me use magnifiers, struggle to read cards, ask how many cards you have in hand or lands in play, and so much more. You don’t think of me as a blind / low vision person but as a friend and the owner of Paradox. What you’ve always helped me do is live the life I want and now I’m asking your help to do the same for others not blessed with the same opportunity. You believed in me, I believed in you, and now there’s a lot of others who need us.
I’m hosting the following events as part of our new “It’s Your Turn” Game Day. It’s an afternoon of awesome Magic play and it’s goal is to help people live the life they want and raise expectations among sighted and blind gamers alike. Over the years, you’ve helped us raise money for the families at Sanford Children’s Hospital, for a memorial for Tim Edwardson’s family, and many other things. Now I’m asking you to raise money and change lives once again.
It’s Your Turn: Booster Draft
Entry Fee: $5 minimum suggested donations
Draft boosters: Paradox will supply up to 16 FREE draft sets
Format: Swiss Rounds
It’s Your Turn: Commander
Entry Fee: $5 suggested minimum donation
Equivalent to draft boosters: Paradox will supply 50 Prize Points up to 16 players
Format: Open Play
It’s Your Turn Prizes:
We are asking anyone who wants to help for small donations of cards or product. We’ve already got commitments from several friends and at least one game distributor. This is how we ran the Tim Edwardson memorial and we’re hoping you’ll help make this an incredible day. No one should donate any one thing too valuable, but I’m hoping we can all work together to build an awesome pool of giveaways to make this a great day! We’ll update this event as prizes come in!!
Thank you, truly, to everyone who has been there time and again for this community. This is probably the most personal event I’ve ever run. I’m a board member of the National Federation of the Blind of North Dakota and that’s the organization who will receive your donations. Your help is needed so we can connect people through a number of different means so they can get the resources they need. You will give us a chance to create a place for people who need one and help them find it, just like Paradox has been to generations of gamers. Please Share this and consider participating or donating. You can PM me directly or post here with contributions. I’ll do my best to showcase every thing we get and to thank anyone who makes a donation. Stay tuned to this event and our website as we get closer for developing plans and details.


March 7
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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