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Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Commander Clash Event

Welcome to all Magic players and Lord of the Rings fans. This could be your latest Magic game or your first, so we’ve prepared a perfect day with multiple ways to play and celebrate the union of the world’s greatest fantasy story with the world’s greatest fantasy card game!

This is a perfect chance to add more LOTR cards to your collection and play on a level playing field. All players can only use the cards from their packs so no one has an advantage, it’s just you and your wits and the cards in your packs! We’re well staffed for beginners and veterans alike!


  • Entry Fee: $5 + Purchase 1 LOTR Commander Deck from Paradox*
    • This includes any deck already purchased since Friday 6/16
  • Start Time: 2PM
  • How it works: You’ll play games of Commander using only your LOTR Commander Deck(s) and score 1 point each time you play and 1 point each time you win.

Magic Companion App

No matter how you choose to play, registration is easier than ever! Download the companion App for IOS or Android and create your acount today. All you need now is a Wizards email address when you sign up and best of all it can all be done remotely using the app. Play Arena? You’ve already got a Wizards email! It only takes a minute to set up your app and you are always ready to play Magic!


June 24, 2023
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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  • Our top 5 scoring players will each win a Streets of New Capenna Commander Deck and all 5 will be entered in a drawing for 5 LOTR Set Booster Packs!