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Magic Celebration: The Lord of the Rings: The Tales of Middle-earth

Magic Celebration unites the world’s greatest fantasy story with the world’s greatest fantasy card game with an afternoon of Magic: the Gathering open to fans new and old along with an incredible set of promo dice!

The Fellowship meets the Gathering this summer for Magic celebration! This brand new event will bring players of all stripes together to enjoy games of Jumpstart in the familiar setting of Middle-earth using The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth™ Jumpstart Boosters.

Magic Celebration is an easy, quick, way to enjoy Magic: the gathering with friends and family new and old!

Jumpstart remains the ultimate way to introduce brand new players to Magic: The Gathering. All you need to do is open two packs, shuffle them together, and play! With two packs combined, players have all the spells and lands they need in one 40-card deck. This means veteran players and beginners who share Lord of the Rings fandom are all on the same playing field. All Magic Celebration games are open-play, there’s no pairings so everyone has plenty of time to read and study the new cards, enjoy and immerse themselves in Battle for Middle-Earth without any pressure. In fact, players can arrive any time throughout the afternoon to take part and don’t need to be on hand at the start.


  • Entry Fee: $14.99*
  • Entry Fee: includes 2 LOTR Jumpstart booster packs.
  • Stop by any time between 2PM—6PM, we’ll have staff and players waiting to play with you all afternoon. Play once or stay and play more games with us!

Magic Companion App

No matter how you choose to play, registration is easier than ever! Download the companion App for IOS or Android and create your acount today. All you need now is a Wizards email address when you sign up and best of all it can all be done remotely using the app. Play Arena? You’ve already got a Wizards email! It only takes a minute to set up your app and you are always ready to play Magic!


July 8
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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  • Promo Participation Card: Earn this card by doing the following:
    • Create an individual Wizards Account
    • Register to play in your Magic Celebration Event using their individual Wizards Account using the Magic: The Gathering Companion App—event
    • NOTE: Many of our regular players already have a WPN account, so they’ve already completed the first step. It’s important to know that guests, players without a WPN account, are not eligible for prizes this time.
  • And here’s the big one: a truly unique gift just for playing in Magic Celebration:
    • Limited-edition, collectible The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Dice Set available for the first 90 players to register in the Magic Celebration event. Collectible dice set includes three six-sided dice (d6) of the same color, inside of a burgundy dice bag with a golden Elven Planeswalker fork
  • Bring-a-Friend Promo: Thought Vessel for bringing a friend into a WPN store—both players receive the promo