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Magic: the Gathering Artist Brian Snoddy Appears @ Paradox FNM!

Brian Snoddy will be signing cards & taking commissions for alters and artwork!

We couldn’t be happier to host this great opportunity for the Magic: the Gathering community! This is the first Magic artist we’ve ever hosted
And we’re so excited that Brian gave us this great chance. He is one of the first 25 MTG artists and we guarantee you know his work from cards like Volcanic Island, Balduvian Horde, Helm of Obedience, and as recently as the Urza lands for Double Masters 2020.
Brian will be charging $2 for signings and will have cards along as well. Alters & commissions can be arranged with him directly.
Tuesday night is our weekly Commander Night so it’s a perfect time to sling some cards, meet Brian, see if he can do some great art for you, and just be part of an awesome evening of MTG. Then of course Friday means FNM, the heart and soul of all things Magic: the Gathering so a perfect place to play some Commander, Draft, Modern, or Standard, while seeing Brian again for more signings and commissions!
For a full list of all of Brian Snoddy’s awesome Magic: the Gathering work:


August 19
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm