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Mayhem and Madness!!

February 29 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

$5 – $15

A family friendly day of goblins and goofiness!

*NOTE: Due to a product release delay we are moving the event to February 29th. Apologies for any inconvenience!

When: Saturday, February 29th @ 2PM
Where: Paradox Comics-N-Cards!
Why: because we love families and fun!

Are you and your family ready for a zany day of bombastic bonking of heads and charismatic clashing of swords? If so, you’ve come to the right place, and if not, you’ve also come to the right place! Bring your family to join ours for an afternoon of fantasy and friendliness set in the wacky world of ALMOST Dungeons and Dragons!

Here's what we're rambling on about:

*Dungeon Mayhem
A fast paced, flavorful, and easy to play card game for 4-6 players!
*Monster Madness
Read the sentence above that explains Dungeon Mayhem, only now add more monsters!

Two great games that play great together!
Did you get your monsters in my dungeon? Did I get my hero in your mayhem? That’s okay! Our afternoon is an all ages free for all featuring all the cards from these two incredible games! Check out the descriptions below to see what you are getting yourself into: game responsibly, parents. Don’t just send those kids off into the unknown without a booming parental lecture about respecting their elders and never taking candy from a Mind Flayer!

The schedule:

2PM: Assemble, Advenutrers!
Everyone will get signed up and get assigned a table to play their first game. Half our tables with have Dungeon Mayhem waiting and the other half will have Monster Madness waiting. Don’t worry, it’ll be fruit basket upset every round so you’ll get to play both many times!

2:15PM: Let the games begin!
Pick up your character or monster, learn the secrets of their deck, and let the bombastic bashing begin! Each table will play until there is only one player left from the crazy calamity and then our staff will shuffle everyone up and you’ll do it all over again with new laughs waiting behind every card draw!

5PM: It’s all over but the band aids!
You’ve played until you are exhausted! Now reap the rewards!

One copy of Monster Madness will be given away for every four players who entered. So if we have 40 players, we’ll give away 10 copies of the game! Note: you can choose Dungeon Mayhem instead if you want, but Monster Mayhem is brand new so that’s our prize jam of choice for this one.

That’s it! Get ready, train, and most of all bring a lot of tissues for all the crying.... from laughing so hard!!!!


you still with me? Still reading? Okay, that probably means you're the one who wants to know the nitty gritty details and the rules. Here they are, over-thinking rules lawyer!


Each participant will receive a score sheet to track their results. Tally points for yourself based on the following:
+1 Point: knock out another player
-1 Point: get knocked out
+2 Points: be the last player at a table

It’s that darn simple, you probably didn’t need to keep reading. Oh, wait, one more little detail.


Funnest Player:

You act like a goofball, everyone else decides! Throughout your games, keep track of your favorite foes and then write their name down on your score sheet! The Funnest Player auto wins a copy of Monster Madness so you better get out there and be Funnest or else!

Tickets for the event can be purchased below!

Entry Fee; $5 per person
Family Bargain: $12.50 for a family of 3 / $15 for a family of 4

Dungeon Mayhem available on our shelves right now!


February 29
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
$5 – $15