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Modern Horizons Prerelease Weekend Sunday 1PM Booster Draft

Be the first to experience the most innovative set to come to Magic’s eternal formats. The cards are skipping Standard and will only be legal in Modern and other non-rotating formats. There are sure to be cards for the hardcore Modern player all the way to newly forged commander decks. Join us for a full weekend of events, including booster drafts and sealed deck.

Be sure to preorder your Modern Horizons boxes now (call the store, stop by, or visit our webstore) and be able to pick them up during the prerelease weekend. We will have 40 boxes available during the prerelease, and the first 60 boxes purchased will receive the Buy-A-Box promo Flusterstorm!

Booster Draft
$29.99 Entry
Draft Pods based on attendance
Play 3 rounds
Prizes based on record:
3-0: 5 packs Modern Horizons
2-1: 3 packs Modern Horizons
1-2: 2 packs Modern Horizons
0-3: 1 pack Modern Horizons


June 9
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Event Categories:
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