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One Night Ultimate Werewolf Demo

No, you’re not paranoid– there are werewolves lurking about our peaceful village, and they could be anyone… even you!

Josh Trumbo will be running multiple sessions of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a game of bluffing, deduction, and lynching that plays in about ten minutes. At the start of the game you’re dealt a random role card which determines if you’re on the Village team, or the Werewolf team. You’ll place the card in front of you before everyone closes their eyes and the village goes to sleep.

A companion app for the game will then take you through the night phase, when certain roles will wake up and act. Perhaps you’re The Seer and can look at another player’s card, or swap cards between two other players as the Troublemaker, or maybe you’re one of the Werewolves just looking to find a cohort who can help you stay hidden. Once the night is finished, everyone wakes up and must bluff and tease out information to figure out who they are (since cards may have changed place), who they can trust, and who they should lynch!


April 6
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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