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Open Commander Play

Welcome to Commander Weekend 2019!

There are 4 new preconstructed Commander decks available in the 2019 series, and each offers a very unique theme that we have not seen before:

– Faceless Menace (Blue, Black, and Green): Morph Creatures
– Mystic Intellect (White, Blue, and Red): Flashback and “Spells matter”
– Primal Genesis (White, Red, and Green) : Populate
– Merciless Rage (Black and Red): Madness

Along with the release of these decks, we have a whole day full of Commander fun times!

Starting at 11am on Saturday, come and play Commander with any deck, any time, with anyone. Our tables are open for players to bring a group and play, or come in and find some new players to share a game with. For the open play portion of the event, there are two special things happening:

– If you play with one of the new 2019 Commander decks (unaltered), you can use ALL THREE of the Commanders at the same time (treat them as if they were Partners).
– We will have achievement cards for you to work on as you play, once you complete all 6 achievements, you are eligible to win special Core Set 2020 Promo Packs. We will be giving away 8 packs throughout the day (2 packs at random at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm)

Then starting at 5pm, players can participate in a special Competitive Commander tournament, with Store Credit and Premium Promo Pack prizes. This is the place to bring your strongest deck, fully tuned and ready to win. The gloves come off, but the 100 card action is still in full effect.

Competitive Commander Tournament
Saturday, August 24
5pm Start
$10 Entry ($8 goes to store credit prize pool)
3 Rounds
4-player pods (or 3-player if needed)
Rules will follow the normal Commander deck construction and banned list:

Each round, you will be awarded points based on how long you last:
1st Place (last player alive): 8 points
2nd: 6 Points
3rd: 4 Points
4th: 2 Points
(Players knocked out in the same turn will combine all points for each place and split evenly among those players)
After the 1st round, pods will be constructed to match players with the same point totals so much as possible.
Seating order in each pod will be randomly determined.

Prizes – Based on points after 3 rounds
1st: 40% of prize pool ($8 per player)
2nd: 30% of prize pool
3rd: 20% of prize pool
4th: 10% of prize pool
(Players with the same point total will combine and split the credit for those positions – for example, if the 2nd and 3rd place players both have 10 points, then each get 25% of the prize pool)
In addition, we will randomly award 2 Premium Promo Packs to players in the event at the start of Round 3.


August 24
11:00 am - 7:00 pm
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