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Paradox Continuous League Kickoff

Paradox Continuous League (PCL)
a.k.a. “Pickle”

*6-Pack Sealed Deck league (6 most recent sets)
*Change out cards from a set each week with new pack
*No Entry other than packs
*Special play events every Thursday

Sealed deck has never been easier and more accessible than now! We are excited to introduce our new league format that lets you keep working with the same deck as long as you want. It doesn’t matter how often you are able to play or when you start, you will be able to join on the action and be at right on the level of everyone else! Each week, choose if you want to change the cards in your pool, but choose wisely, as new cards mean that other cards will be going away.

To start, each player gets one booster pack from the 6 most recent Standard-released sets. As of this writing, that is one pack of RIX, DOM, M19, GRA, RNA, and WAR. Players will build 40 card decks using all available cards in their pool.

Once a week, each player can choose re-buy a booster from any Standard set. This pack replaces the cards of the same set in that player’s card pool. Now you can redesign and rebuild your deck using the new pack, plus everything you had before (minus the previous cards from the set you replaced).

The league is not seasonal and never ends. With each new standard set release, players will need to purchase one pack of the new set to add to their pool and remove all cards from the oldest set.

Each week, you can play matches whenever you are at Paradox – during other events such as FNM or Tuesday Commander night, or plan to meet up with friends for a few rounds.

Every Thursday we will host the PCL Party – 3 rounds of paired play with bonus prizes! There is no additional cost for this event! It’s just a great place to make sure you get some matches in for the week, and possibly win some free swag!

Each player receives a special collection box for their deck and card pool. All league decks will be kept at the store at all times, and can be used whenever the store is open.


July 11
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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