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Tournament of Life!

Time: Friday Dec 6th 6:00PM
Location: Paradox
Price: $8
1 hour rounds best 2 of 3!

Hello everyone, this will be a Life Themed UniVersus Constructed Tourney at Dox! This featured event will run for the most part like a Normal Standard Constructed Tournament, but the top 4 player will receive the Life Resource Enamel Pin as a Bonus reward! What? there no deck building constraint? You heard right! For this theme Every Starting Character is given another ability for the duration of the game that reads “E [Twice Per Turn] Commit 1 foundation: The next card you play ignores progressive difficulty.” So come down and compete to be chain the most cards and get a LIFE and win some promos and prizes!


December 6
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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