extra life

Play Games. Heal Kids.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Many of you have participated over the years so we’re starting this page with all the new details we’ve added this year. If you are new to the cause, please scroll down to read the full details about the marathon! Thanks to everyone!


Please contact me to let me know you are bringing a team and how many people to expect. We will make sure your needs are met, but we need to know who’s coming.

And for any other information, please contact me:

Richard Early
Paradox Comics-N-Cards
26 Roberts ST N


We are accepting auction items now through the marathon. Drop off anything you would like to Paradox and we’ll add it to the auctions. They will begin on Monday October 29 in store and on Facebook and will end at 6PM on November 3 during the marathon.


Donation Jar Pizza Party Challenge: Every table will have a mason jar and a list of challenges at their table. Donate to activate the challenges and the table with the most donations wins a pizza party!

Game Challenges: All day long, to help break up the monotony of the marathon, your group will have special game challenges available! All game challenges will include donations for you to make as you play and we’ll compare your results to everyone who participates for special awards at the end of the marathon!


Stop by Paradox and pick up a special donation box to take to work, school, or home! We’ve prepared boxes with everything you need to know to fundraiser in person!


If you make it through the whole 25 hours, you will receive a special certificate and take part in our closing ceremony! We’ll take a photo of everyone who made it and you can say you did it!

That’s it, everyone. If you know the drill, you are set. Stop by today for the auctions and the work place donations!  Otherwise, read on for full marathon details:

extra life
Play Games. Heal Kids.
In support of Sanford Children’s, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

25 Hour Gaming Marathon
Begins: Saturday, November 3, 8AM
Ends: Sunday, November 4, 8AM

Have you done a walk-a-thon or a 5K or some other event for charity? Most of us have at one time, but how many of us get to do what we really love for a great cause: play games. With the Children’s Miracle Network Extra Life Marathon, you have the opportunity of a life time.

Paradox Comics-N-Cards is proud to host a 25 hour gaming event to support our local Sanford Children’s Hospital and now we invite the gamers of Fargo / Moorhead and beyond to join us. Start your fundraising today and get ready for the greatest gaming experience of the year as we play games and heal kids.


Visit www.extra-life.org and create your fundraising page. It takes just a few minutes to begin to change a child’s life forever. You can fundraise on your own or as part of a team.


Use all the tools at your disposal on your new extra-life.org page and ask your friends, family, and community to support you in your upcoming effort. All it takes is some Facebook posts, tweets, and emails.


Once you’ve done all the work, the games begin. Here at Paradox, you will have a space to play whatever you want from board games to role play games to miniatures games to card games and more. You can participate anywhere you want and being part of the marathon is the most important thing, but we at Paradox try to make our shop a beacon to inspire your efforts and give you somewhere to be to feel like you are part of something amazing.


You and your friends will get tables to play on along with all kinds of great opportunities all day long!

  1. FREE breakfast, lunch, and late night snacks!

We take care of our heroes! Expect Sandy’s donuts, pizzas, snacks, and this year we have a special barbecue fundraiser planned as well!

  1. Giveaways and Sales:

All day long, we’ll draw for games and gift cards!

  1. Fundraising Challenges:

See above for full details!

Now it’s up to you to join our effort. Please consider Extra Life. It’s one day of your life to change a child’s life forever. Contact Paradox today if you want to be involved and we’ll help in every way we can. Our experts will help you set up your page, fundraise, and make sure we’ve got your seats for you at our marathon.

Join us and Play Games to Heal Kids at Sanford Children’s Hospital!