For about two years, Gloomhaven has dominated the gaming world. Imagine a game so big, so heavy, and so powerful that no game publisher would make it! That’s Gloomhaven! We’ve been proud sellers of this incredible game and we’ve done far more than that. Our intrepid stream team made friends with Marcel Cwertetschka, and we've interviewer Marcel and Isaac Children - designer behind this craze! Marcel has even brought EXCLUSIVE content to our shop and our community every Extra Life and has become a true friend. Now, our streamers are taking part in live Frost Haven scenarios on Tuesday nights on our Twitch channel! So finally it’s time to show you our plans to bring this incredible sequel to you! Yes, it’s a sequel. You don’t need to own Gloomhaven or any other expansion!

What we can offer and what it costs:



This gets you the main Frosthaven box and all the goodness inside.


Frosthaven Solo Scenarios $11.99/MSRP $14.99

Master all 16 of the Frosthaven classes with this all-new set of scenarios and item rewards.


Frosthaven Reusable sticker set $15.99/MSRP $19.99

This set of vinyl stickers replaces all of the normal ones in Frosthaven; these stickers can be removed at any time without damaging the components.


Building off the unbelievable game play of Gloomhaven, Frost Haven expands the rules, characters, and the adventure to whole new levels! We’ve never seen a better value for the price of a game than Gloomhaven and we’d imagine that’ll be even more true for Frosthaven!