Get in on the Kickstarter for this amazing game through Paradox!

Interested in Kickstarting Fuji Koro Deluxe and want a few extra benefits? Paradox can help!


What is Fuji Koro?

Fuji Koro is an exciting adventure miniature game with euro style gameplay elements, with a competitive and cooperative mode for 1-6 players. 

Released by Game Brewer

Game design by: Jerome Demeyere

Art by: Miguel Coimbra

For ages 12+

Approx. 30 minutes per player

How does Paradox Fit in?

Paradox is excited about the possibility of ordering Kickstarter exclusives for our customers, and Fuji Koro is an excellent place to start!

By pledging at the Retailer Level, we can bring in copies of the game at a discount and save costs on shipping. ...if there are interested gamers who want to pledge through us!


How does it work?

It's pretty simple - the Retailer Pledge Level of the Kickstarter nets four copies of Fuji Koro Deluxe, complete with all unlocked stretch goals and a snazzy playmat that can be used in place of the game board. If four people (or eight, etc) will order the game through our web store by April 15th, we will place our pledge and your copies will be available at the store when they are released! And don't worry - if we don't get enough orders we'll refund your money and you'll still have plenty of time to pledge the game directly through the Kickstarter page.

Why order through Paradox?

Ordering through Paradox has several advantages:

  • After considering a group discount and less expensive shipping, you'll save about $12 versus ordering yourself!
  • The product will be shipped to Paradox, so you don't have to worry about being home to sign for your package, or worse- thieves stealing your awesome new game!
  • You get an exclusive game AND you're supporting your friendly local game store!

Paradox is very excited about the possibility of bringing our customers more opportunities to get games released via Kickstarter through us, making Paradox your one-stop-shop for everything tabletop. Check out Fuji Koro and stay tuned for future deals!