Special Store Update:

to all our gaming family straight from the boss: a statement on the future of organized play at Paradox
by Richard Early
Since March, our lives have been turned upside down. All of our regular gaming events, conventions, and get-togethers have been brought to a complete halt or moved online. In-person gaming is the backbone of our whole community and it’s needed more than ever. We all need the companionship, the escape. Here at the shop, no one feels it more than us with our empty Event Center and all the costs of keeping it. I’m writing this today to let you know under what conditions you can expect Paradox to offer events and gatherings and to assure you that better days are coming.

Why is there no gaming right now?
We’re all watching Covid-19 statistics and debating them, we’re seeing many activities returning, and there seems to be a double standard at work. I know I look around and think to myself: why is it okay to go to Target or a restaurant but I can’t host gaming events? But science shows that the most direct risk of transmitting COVID-19 comes from gathering in confined spaces for longer periods of time, and unfortunately that is the exact nature of our events. It’s the same reasons our movie theaters aren’t back yet even though we need and want them so much. The air flow, the droplets, the closeness, the lack of fresh air, all contribute to risk.

When can we expect events?
We run all kinds of games for all kinds of different events and programs. But we are recognized most prominently as a WPN Premium store representing Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. The current position of the WPN is that no Organized Play should occur in a store setting. They’ve set a timeline for this through to about October 1st and they will evaluate in the middle of every month beginning in September. I am going to abide by their timeline and apply it to all our gaming.

What is Paradox’s plan for events when they are available to run?
We now work directly with Cass Public Health to have the most current information. Based on their in-person assessment of the Event Center, we are extremely confident. We were told we had an excellent and conscientious plan, shown a few things we could add, and set our maximum capacity. The public health department makes recommendations and in their opinion, our gaming is going to be as safe as anyone can expect.

Here’s a quick list of our plan:
*Plexi-glass dividers supporting 4 players per table.
*Mask required for all players and staff.
*The correct capacity.
*Good air flow.
*Wipes, gloves, and sanitizer provided at your table.
*Knowledgeable staff to guide you with the correct safety information.
*Enforcement of guidelines.

There will be changes to our schedule, our entry fees, and our prizes / rewards. All events will return whether it’s board gaming, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, or any other game we currently provide.

I challenge all of you to stay safe. Follow science. Stay out of politics over COVID-19. Most of all, I call on us all to be kind to each other. Everyone has an opinion, but when we express them without compassion and understanding for the fear and needs of everyone else, we aren’t going to be able to work together. It’s a dangerous and deadly disease that can leave people crippled forever in addition to taking lives. You know who we are, you know me, and you know what we stand for. We’ll be playing games together soon, and meantime we’ve got all kinds of ways for you to support Paradox and get continue your favorite hobby. Whether it’s our new loyalty program, our enhanced website, our new products, we’re ready and waiting.