Let Paradox Be Your Gateway

International Table Top Day is just around the corner, and we here at Paradox pondered how best to make the day special. It's already the first Saturday of the month, which means open gaming all day, game demos, and our usual tabletop night, so what more could we add? What indeed...


Tried and True

So let's start with game demos. They're a regular part of Game Day and June is no exception. Starting at 1PM we'll have a D&D Q&A as well as D&D demos, and we'll be highlighting a couple of great board games, one classic - Flash Point: Fire Rescue - and one new - Sushi Roll. And of course, you can RSVP on our Events calendar to save yourself a seat at the table!


An Open Table

On top of the usual events, we wanted to do something special for International Table Top Day, which made us think about board gaming and how much fun it is to find a new game, or introduce a friend to one of your favorites. But how do you encourage new gamers to join in?

We decided to set out an "Open Demo Table" full of games that are relatively easy to pick up and play so anyone can stop in and try all sorts of different games, starting when the store opens at 10am and going until the Event Center closes down! Many different styles and genres are represented, with new and classic titles like Ticket To Ride, Mysterium, Pantone: The Game, Sagrada, The Mind, and so many more!


Achievements Unlocked!

And of course we have to give out a few extra prizes on International Table Top Day! When you get to Paradox you can pick up an Achievement Card filled with different tasks you can complete throughout the day (including playing some of the games on the Open Demo Table). Do as many as you wish and turn in your card, and later we'll do a drawing where you can win one of several different games! Which games? Well, you'll have to go to Paradox on June 1st to find out...


Calling all game designers!

Paradox is also putting out the call for any game designers who want to show off their games and get play testers for their prototypes. We'll have several tables reserved for you to play and display in the event center starting at 6PM - just fill out the form linked below!

And just for fun we'll throw in a few guessing games, with the closest guesses netting the guesser a Paradox gift card! Free to play, of course.


There's a ton of great stuff going on at Paradox June 1st for new and veteran gamers alike. So dust off those dice, collect your cards, break in those boards, and we'll see you at Paradox for International Table Top Day!